Ninety Eight Point Six




Will Cameron is a Design Director with a focus on experience design, exhibit development and user research. 

I am an Experience Designer. For the past 15 years I have been designing and producing experiences, digital product design (UX/UI) and exhibition events with a strong focus on my background in curating, publishing, research and audiovisual technologies. 

My process is to collaborate with curators, architects, designers, media makers, and technologists to create products and experiences through a coherent and visionary structuring of sensation, sound, light, time, community and place. 

I believe in products and design solutions that result in awe, encourage rapt attention, and invite self-awareness of emotion and the body in the user / participant.

Relying on testing and other data-validated methods from design thinking and user experience research, I seek to implement design solutions that respect the user's/participant's intuitive abilities of choice as well as touching and engaging the imagination through immersive visual storytelling, delight and emotion.

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More about me
Cameron has designed products and digital experiences in for clients, startups, individuals and institutions such as Hayward Gallery London, Rizzoli, Colette Paris, MOCA Los Angeles, MILK, Ross Collection, and Boo-Hooray. Since 2005 Cameron’s output includes publications, digital products, exhibitions along with immersive film and music installations. 

In recent works such as “Cloud Asylum” and “Unknown Album”, he explores knowledge creation through the creation of group immersive sensory experiences and live streaming. His works in design, publishing and curating have been featured in national media outlets such as The New York Times, Print Magazine, VICE, and others.

Cameron is a Deep Listening Certificate Holder having completed a three year program in art, technology, and meditation through the Center for Deep Listening. Will's diverse academic background includes a B.A. in electronic music composition from Wesleyan University alongside studies in computer science, visual art, and design at University of Connecticut.

He is a General Assembly certified User Experience Design professional.