Ninety Eight Point Six


In Fall of 2009 I worked Grant Lyons to establish a design community platform, which we called GreenerMags. Bringing a codebase we developed for an existing client through digital marketing agency b2fnyc, we created GreenerMags with the intention of allow designers to share their work in a unique horizontal scrolling platform.

For GreenerMags platform I co-founded the company and operated both as the product design lead and acting CTO, managing the development of the platform software build. For this project I interviewed designers, editors, illustrators and other creatives in the NYC tri-state area researching the needs and requirements for the platform. Additionally, I worked with an agile development process of two action script developers to release rapid prototypes of the platform as well as creating an XML standard for the content allowing non-technical resources to freely create their content on Flash platform, without any existing knowledge of Flash.