Ninety Eight Point Six


A complete facsimile of The Situationist Times, Jacqueline De Jong's self published periodical, on the 50th anniversary of its inaugural issue.

De Jong, a Dutch artist and graphic designer, joined the Situationist movement in 1960, and quickly assumed a position within the Central Committee. De Jong was determined to make "a completely free magazine, based on the most creative of the Situationist ideas," and in 1962 she began The Situationist Times, a broad representation of a movement that had already become divided into the political and the aesthetic.

The Situationist Times is one of the most visually compelling publications of it's oeuvre, initially printed offset on thick colored paper, eventually shifting to full color lithography.

Edition of 1000 copies | 734 pages | 8”x10” | Box Set enclosed in silkscreen slipcase | Edited by Johan Kugelberg | Designed by Will Cameron | Published by Boo-Hooray |
NY | 2013