Ninety Eight Point Six


In SPRING 2012 I worked with founders Grant Lyons and Marc Morris to create the music discovery platform called TUNESPOTTER, a visual / card based search platform that allows users to discover and received personalized recommendations for TV shows and movies to stream. The personalization is based primarily on the interaction between two data sets, a users listening preferences are compared to songs that appear in scenes in the video clips. 

As a founding partner and investor in TUNESPOTTER, I assisted with the initial software development round in 2012 which was conducted at PIVOTAL LABS in NYC and led by Grant Lyons product owner. I assisted with UI design, information architecture, and usability testing. In 2017 I followed up on this project where I assisted with the development of a patent around the technology that identifies music within video clips used by the platform. 

TUNESPOTTER-UI-2017 (1).png