Ninety Eight Point Six
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In January 2017 NICHE TIMELINES was prototyped and designed as an MVP app for iOs. The app serves high school students who are aspiring to attend college with task management, encouragement, and reminders along the college search and application process. 

MY ROLE: As lead product designer for Ninety Eight Point Six, I led the UX design and user research process including immersion, market analysis and user interviews as well as iterative design, prototyping and visual design.

The DISCOVERY process included competitive analysis, user research, surveys, user interviews and a comparative user interface research. KEY FINDINGS from the discovery process were documented in the form of primary and secondary user personas and refinement of the opportunity to serve users. It was found that college bound students and their parents face an overwhelming decision. In addition to data and knowledge about colleges, they need a personalized task platform that will "walk" with them along the process. The DESIGN process began with ideation around requirements, use cases, features and continued through hand sketching of user interface elements, rapid paper prototypes in MARVEL APP and testing of high fidelity wireframes in InVision.

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