Ninety Eight Point Six


A reissuing of Wallace Berman’s art/assemblage/beat zine, Semina, alongside related ephemera, posters and mail-art. Michael McClure called Semina “a scrapbook of the spirit.” During it’s creation it was sent through the mail to Wallace Berman’s friends like David Meltzer, William S. Burroughs, Alexander Trocchi, Allen Ginsberg, etc. The components of Semina were not only submitted, but appropriated from these friends, alongside personal heroes like W. B. Yeats, Hermann Hesse, and Antonin Artaud.

Hand-printed on a table-top at his house, this free-form zine with its loose-leaf poetry and amazing collages, montages and photography, is also most baffling in its vanguard status: nobody had done anything like this before Berman, not even in the days of Dada. Published between 1955 and 1964 in editions ranging from 150 to 350 copies, this rare publication needs to be seen and cherished by anyone interested in American post-war art.

Edition of 300 copies | 174 pages | 8.5”x10.5” | Softcover
Edited by Johan Kugelberg and John Zorn| Designed by Will Cameron | Published by Boo-Hooray| NY | 2013